BLOC-O-LIFT with Rigid Locking for Vertical Mounting

Gas Spring with Rigid Locking for Vertical Installations A cost efficient alternative in rigid locking gas springs can be achieved if BLOC-O-LIFT from Tieying is mounted almost vertically.

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BLOC-O-LIFT with Rigid Locking for Vertical Mounting

Since oil cannot be compressed, gravity will ensure the usual safe holding force. Consequently, the additional piston as a separating element between gas and oil will not be necessary.

In this version, the entire working stroke of the piston is located in the oil layer, allowing the required rigid locking of the BLOC-O-LIFT in any position.

For locking in the compression direction, the BLOC-O-LIFT must be installed with the piston rod pointing up. In the rare cases where locking in the extension direction is desired, a BLOC-O-LIFT version with the piston rod pointing down should be mounted.

Your Advantages

● Cost-efficient variant with very high rigid oil locking force

● Variable rigid locking and optimized weight compensation during lifting, lowering, opening, and closing

● Compact design for installation in small spaces

● Easy mounting due to a large variety of end fitting options

ln this version of rigid locking gas springs,the entire working range of the piston isin oil, resulting in rigid locking, since oilcannot be compressed. Unlike the orienta-tion-independent BLOC-O-LIFT, separatingpistons were foregone in favor of lowercosts. Flawless function is maintained bygravity; therefore, vertical or almost verticalinstallation must be ensured.

Here, the alignment of the piston rod defi-nes the locking behavior in the pull or pushdirection.

Same areas of application as for theBLOC-O-LIFT described before.

Why Do We Need Lockable Gas Springs?

How is it possible that you can lift something so heavy with such a small force? And how can that heavy weight remain just where you want it? The answer here is: lockable springs.

Using lockable springs can bring lots of great advantages. For instance, they are perfectly safe when the apparatus is in locked position and movement cannot be tolerated. (Think about an operating table, for instance).

On the other hand these simple mechanisms don’t require any other special force or source of energy to be activated or to remain in their locking position. This makes lockable springs very cost-effective and also environmentally friendly.

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