Soft sliding gas damper for furniture kitchen cabinet

The damper made of damping is a very important component in hardware accessories. The damper relies on the buffering performance of damping to adapt. The main body of the cabinet pull basket is made of stainless steel, and the damper is installed on the sliding track of the cabinet pull basket. It works in conjunction with the buffering gear to play a role in reducing vibration when the cabinet is pulled.

Products Details

Product details


1: It adopts (wall thickness>1MM) carbonized precision steel, which has the advantages of high strength, high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, and high smoothness, avoiding air leakage, rust, and thin cylinder body. 2: The use of imported wear-resistant hydraulic oil makes the damper more resistant to rust, wear, and high temperatures. 3: The piston rod adopts QPQ process to treat the surface layer, which has low friction, no blunt points, and no jamming during use; More durable. 5: The connector is reinforced and resistant to rust and corrosion. 6: The oil seal adopts imported rubber material oil seal, which has high wear resistance, oil resistance and other characteristics, significantly increasing the stability and service life of the damper. The guide sleeve is strictly screened, and the clearance with the piston rod is small, ensuring the concentricity of the damper.

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